Hello, that is me and this is my work.

I have been on this journey for over eight years and it has been quite an experience. My time was filled with a solitary and introspective exploration. A trip that led me to discover the thread of humanity, the very thing that it means to be right here at this moment.

I am so honored that you are here viewing my best collective work. A lot of time has gone into the creation of the images and sharing them with you is very fulfilling. 

I work with a range of digital and film cameras. The art of film to me is comparable to a painting. While refining your skill there is a fair amount of trial and error where mistakes will cost you like the wrong stroke on a canvas. Unlike digital photography, shooting with film slows me down and really makes me weigh a scene for its worth. 

I have never in my life known something that was so rewarding yet without reward. The purity of creating images only because they spoke to my soul. I have slept on the streets and gone where most would be afraid to go. I have seen places that society has forsaken and I have seen the most abundant beauty nature has to share. Everyplace I have gone, the experience has moved me in a special way. So much that when someone talks to me about my photography or my passion, I can only smile because even though I share with them my vision, the journey is something I alone can know. Things like the feeling of cracking of ice beneath your feet while walking in an abandoned building or the pure isolation of being the only person for hundreds of miles in any direction. These are the things that have left a mark on my being. I do hope these images give you a glimpse of the beauty in the world around us and possibly inspire you to take your own journey. This collection has been distilled from a few hundred thousand down to these definitive images.

I have released a book for the iPad and Mac that is available in the iTunes Bookstore.

My book, Long Nights and Streetlights, is a collection of my best landscape, cityscape, concert and film photography from the past eight years.

The book is available for free and I would be honored if you downloaded it!