Hello, my name is Peter.

I'm always honored when I am chosen to share a day with a bride and groom. It's a day filled with the moments you never want to forget, it is the day the bride has spent the most time thinking about. A day that is meant to be perfect in every way. The key is that it is yours as a couple, it's the day you share with your loved ones and want to have those moments captured to share in your future together. I have a different view from most wedding photographers in regards to your day. I see it as that, your day and not a business transaction. I'm not going to hold your original files hostage so I include the digital negatives at no cost. In this age there isn't a large demand for prints or albums so I don't push the sale of them, I let you do those on your own. I try to be flexible on cost as well as your budget, and regardless of the normal plan of "required shots" I'll never leave early if there is more to be captured. I am the wedding photographer that I wish to have at my own wedding one day. I like you have waited my entire life for a day like this, a day I will never want to forget or miss a moment of. Please fill out this form for additional details and pricing.

I look forward to meeting you.  

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Interested in an Engagement Shoot?
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Since it's unlikely that you've ever worked with a professional photographer, it's only natural that you might feel a bit nervous about having your photograph taken in a public setting. Since your wedding day is not the best time to realize additional pressures, working with me to capture engagement photographs prior to the wedding allows you both to become comfortable in front of the camera. This experience also gives us the time to establish a personal relationship, a relationship built on trust and familiarity.

Through this fun engagement session you'll be able to get to know me better as your wedding photographer; I won't be a near stranger on your wedding day. This familiarity will make you both more comfortable as I work around you both, taking hundreds of photographs on that special date. If you can trust me perfectly when I ask you to stand a certain way, your photos are certain to be more impressive on your wedding day.


Recommended Vendors:

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My good friend Carlos over at Calabris Media.

Event Planning: 

Ive worked with Mary Bowerman on a couple occasions which were coordinated perfectly.