The Dodos @ The Pink Elephant

The Dodo\'s The Dodo\'s

The Dodo\'s

The Dodos seemed to sit in the darkest of the corners. There were 3 band members, one did not move and one did not stop, making it impossible to freeze motion. The third was only in a few shots total and only a couple songs. Its hard to say who stole the show this night.

Lighting: Lighting at the The Pink Elephant is by far the worst venue I have ever attempted to shoot in. I was mostly at 6400 at a very show shutter. Even with the 50mm at 1.8 it was hard to capture light.

Gear: I shot with my Nikon D300 as well as my nifty 50 1.8 and cheap 18-55. I dont mind shooting with the cheap lenses when there is not an allocated photographer area. I set my Auto ISO to shoot between 200-6400. I prefer the D300s image in black and white when shooting at 6400.