The Dream Starts Again.

I am going to receive one of the best cameras on Saturday. The camera is the Nikon D700. I ordered the camera.

I ordered the Grip.

I ordered an extra battery and 2 4GB cards.

I ordered the 50mm 1.4.

The Combo ran me about $3,700 which is completely insane and if my family is reading this I apologize. I know I am out of my mind. But with no college degree and being a technician will not pay the bills forever. I will take over the world. One city at a time.

I am so incredibly happy about the opportunity to change the way I have been shooting and these 2 months without a camera has felt so painful yet refreshing. I want to shoot so bad ;) I would like to thank Alan and JP for letting me borrow their cameras when it was hard.

I am going to be such a picture whore when I get this thing.

-Peter Walkowiak

Proud Nikon Owner