East Coast Image Release Dates

I have been one of the busiest people I know the last few months. Planning for my future and being the most active photographer I know. I have given a lot of thought to the thousands of images captured while on my East Coast trip in early November. I revise my website (peterwphoto.com) every year and this year will be very special. This year will be my fifth year as a photographer. Five years is quite an accomplishment in my eyes and a big tip of the hat to the immense amount of time given to what until this year was a hobby. I will be slowly releasing all of my favorite East Coast images in celebration and in honor of the launch of the fifth version of my website.  I will release the images in the two weeks leading up to that moment I bought my first camera, February 14th 2006.


Please join me here, February 1st 2010 to celebrate my biggest release as a photographer thus far.