What can an iPhone actually do?

I have been doing HDR imagery for quite some time now. I always say I quit and I am going to stop but... so far I can't. My main camera is a big ol' mean Nikon D700. I lug it around with a series of lenses that fit what I may be shooting, in most cases I have been shooting with the Nikon 16-35mm recently.

I just thought what could I do to an iPhone photo? I grabbed one from my iPhoto library from the same trip.

(Original Image)

I didn't keep in mind that I was editing an iPhone image when I was editing with the HDR Efex Pro. I just did whatever effects I would to my Nikon RAW images. Keep in mind that this is one very small sensor vs my 35mm full frame sensor. Not only are we comparing sensor size and difference in dynamic range we are also comparing a camera which I cannot bracket 5, 7 or 9 exposures, I can only do 1!

I cranked the "structure" and contrast in the image. I also applied a control point near the furthest arch and cranked up exposure over 1ev. Something this accessible was nonexistent when I started shooting, you had to own a DSLR, which was hardly better five and a half years ago.

(Image After Nik HDR Efex Pro)

Because of the lack of dynamic range and image information the image left quite a bit of visible noise. Even in the small image on the blog the noise is very evident in the skyline. I just ran it through the automatic Nik Define noise removal and it seemed to do a great job.

(Image After Nik Define)

I am flicking between this image on my iPhone and others taken with my D700 and I cannot tell a difference.

I hope this has inspired you to take some image regardless of what money you have or skill set you have.