Film Roll 1 - Mamiya RB67- Fuji Reala ISO 100

My goal here is to share with you my struggles and victories along with shooting film. I have shot maybe 3 rolls of film in my life but never with a full manual no assistance camera. I am going to post all 10 images I shoot on the roll meaning I am also going to waste your time with the uglies. I will try to explain with the best of my memory anything that stood out with each shot.

On the record I am beyond surprised on how well these images came out exposure wise. I expected all dark or all bright images, it turns out film is much more forgiving than polaroid.

These images for the record are straight from the lab with only resizing done to them. I want to share the whole experience with you here.

Image #1: What you don't see is me struggling trying to figure out which step I had skipped because the camera wouldn't fire.

Image #2: I was worried about shooting at 1/30th of a second with the big camera but seems to do just fine. I love the color of the wooden bench!

Image #3: I wanted to see how the light would reflect back or flare on film. The camera captured the image exactly how I saw it.

 Image #4: It appears that I got too excited to shoot this one so I shot one vertical and one landscape forgetting to advance the film... DOH!

 Image #5 and 6: I only remember taking one image of this but I think I accidentally placed the camera on a timer mode rather than an actual second value. In my defense I was rushed to take this photo.

Image #7: Seems like I nailed the exposure after practicing with the polaroid back. Up until this image all light data was guessed.

Image #8: A unique seat found in an alley near my house. This is the only image I took this day walking a few miles with the camera.

Image #9: If you look close enough you will see that I double exposed this image once again. The object on the left in the photo is a closeup of the armchair from the previous shot.

Image #10: This is a shot which I did not expect to come out. I took a polaroid of the same exact scene and it was way over exposed. I gave up mentally on this shot till I saw it today!