Roll 15 - Mamiya RB67 - Ilford PanF Plus 50

I have always believed in luck when it comes to photography... because lets be honest... sometimes we just happen to stumble into scenes and light that are just so hard to come by. This is so common in our trigger happy digital lifestyles. With film after seeing these photos I have come up with a new saying that will apply to film, I am going to call it "brilliant mistakes". This may be in an accident or unintentional setting or exposure that turns out better than you had visioned. This also applies more commonly to unique double exposures.

Image #3 here is a perfect example of a brilliant mistake. The one image that was taken and presented earlier on the blog in color was an image of clouds hanging over this valley. The image overlapping it is an image of fog coming over a hill spilling in-between a section of trees. This image now appears as if there is a forest in the clouds.

This is the first roll I have ever shot on Black and white. Enjoy.