Auto Half

Film Roll 8 - Ricoh Auto Half - Memories 200

This little camera sure looks odd but it made me smile every time I took a picture. I always get excited when I use old products with such simple but brilliant features. For example this camera auto advances to the next frame simple yes but it does it with no batteries. The camera has a built in spring winder. I hope to do a video for each of the cameras some time in the future showing them off.

After I figured out how to take a photo with the camera it was easy from there on out. I got them developed and scanned at CVS. The lady there had no idea what a half frame camera was but seemed to get it after an explanation. Compared to the Ritz scans from the other day these ones are much much better. They have barely any defects or dirt on the film.

The problem thus far with half frame is that its very hard to get the 2 images that I take to be scanned together. So for this roll I had to duplicate and crop to match the images with the proper halves. I have a feeling the meter may not be working so well on this camera but here are the images.