The Heidelberg Project Part 2

A short video from The Heidelberg Project website:


"The focus of the Heidelberg Project (HP) is rooted in the need to improve the under-resourced and horribly blighted Detroit community where the project was founded."

"We continue this mission, as we began, by providing hope and inspiration to local children through art and education programs and hands-on workshops.

The HP works with neighborhood children to educate them on art, community and environment. These children walk to school past burned-out houses, rubble, debris, crime and decay. Our purpose is to offer them another view, another perspective - to positively change the environment the children see every day. In the process, we help build self-esteem, encourage cooperation and foster a sense of pride in their community. The HP continues to work with local students throughout Metro Detroit through the ACE2 program and guided tours.

With your help, we can make a difference in young lives and the direction they will take."