Film Roll 7 - Pen EES-2 - Memories ISO 200

No memories isn't the normal memories... its actually the cheap of the cheap film at a 99cent store... I was so excited to shoot with the pen but I didn't want to run an expensive roll of film through it first nor did I want to pay more to have my normal film place process the film.

A few things to say about the camera and the film. I paid almost zero attention to the focus ring while shooting these which will show with a lot of out of focus images. A few other contributing factors to its ugliness is the fact that I was trapped at a mall during all of the shooting as well as having ritz developing / scanning the images. I will have to call ritz later and see if they charged me extra for the amount of dust and scratches on my film...

When winding the film I forgot to unlock it (I don't like reading manuals) and I ripped through several film threads. All the images were shot in twos. twos meaning two of the same thing at different angles. you will see that due to the ripping they are all mixed up. I also did not include the images that were so bad (under/over exposed). When 2 images of different exposure are scanned together only one of them can be truly exposed properly.

So what do we got overall as a recap? 99 cent film, $13 camera from ebay, stranded at a mall, and having a mediocre lab scan the images. SO with this in mind please take a look at the images.

If you read this far I will buy you a sandwich.

 I feel brave for posting these images... because they are all absolute garbage. Now that I know there are no light leaks and the camera functions as it should I will shoot a good roll ASAP :) If you are still a fan of me after this that means you are a real friend or my mother.

As always much love for your support and views :)