Video: LowLife

Video: LowLife

So I have been struggling with quite a few things in life lately so it took me a lot longer than expected. I recorded this on the trolley awhile ago and have finally gotten around to editing it. I almost scrapped the project entirely a few times because I lost hope. I  just had to remember that I am not proud of the first images I ever took so it will be the same for video for quite some time. I guess this gives me a reason to grow.

All Videos are on YouTube in HD


I could not decide between black / white and color. So here are both.


Video Notes:

I have nothing but empathy for those who stride to create videos, those who are create just for themselves and don't care about what other people think of their work. When it came down to it and why it took so long I was just embarrassed of this project because I smelled failure before I even started to edit. I used Final Cut Pro for everything. No editing to the actual clips besides making the clips B/W and opacity on a clip or two.

My heart goes out to those who create for themselves.