Salton Sea

Film Roll 6 – Mamiya RB67- Fuji Reala ISO 100

While driving fast on the dirt back road to Salvation Mountain I loaded a single roll of Reala 100 into the film back. I had about 15 minutes of sunlight left and I was rushing to get the last shots of the day. Most of the shots are 1/60th or lower but all on a tripod. I didn't expect much of this roll roll because after I loaded it I knew I should have loaded the ISO 400 film instead... whatever.

I didn't have enough time to finish the roll there nor did I just want to waste it so I finished it off at Cabrillo National Monument here in San Diego.

Film Roll 5 – Mamiya RB67- Fuji Reala ISO 100

Just before this photo I was in a gas station when the power went out. At the moment I assumed it was because of the heat but then I later learned that all of San Diego was down as well. I had half of a tank of gas so I headed down the east side of the Salton Sea. From that point on everyone I encountered had power so I didn't have a problem for the rest of the night. I decided to travel the one day San Diego had a black out.

^The building above was swarming with bees and birds. I walked up to the front and realized that I was approaching a large bees next... I slowly walked back as they started to surround me. I took the far detour around the back and when I was inside damn birds kept on flying out and scaring me. I always assume sounds are bums with knives.