Episode 1 - We Discuss WWDC 2017

This week we discuss WWDC and all of Apple’s latest hardware and software. We chat about the latest iPads, iMacs, and the brand new HomePod.

We also go over some of the smaller features that are headed to iOS that were hidden in the fine print along with bigger features such as multi-tasking on the iPad.

Peter also filled Michael in on the first episode of Planet of the Apps and overall was confused with who the intended audience of the show would be.

Links and Show Notes:

iPad Pro - https://apple.com/ipad-pro
iMac 2017 - https://apple.com/imac
HomePod - https://apple.com/homepod
iOS 11 - https://apple.com/ios/ios-11-preview
Planet of the Apps - http://apple.co/2tdMYGC 


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