Episode 4 - 10 years of iPhone and Airbnb Nightmares

Peter unveils our new podcast artwork to Michael and we listen to the shows intro for the first time. Peter shares details about his first Fiverr experience. Michael brings up the dark side of Fiverr with a story about Pewdiepie.

We discuss our first experiences with the iPhone reflecting back on the last 10 years of iPhone. Peter briefly goes over how iPhone came to be inside Apple. How original apps from 10 years ago no longer work and we will never be able to use them again.

We discuss our love affair with the iMac G4 and the ad that accompanied it.

Michael would rather have an emulator than the new SNES classic. Peter can’t stand emulators and would rather have anything close to the original. We discuss the new free Sega Forever apps and the conversation leads to how Michael wont pay to remove ads.

Peter received his Square Cash debit card and we discuss the process of making one. We discuss credit cards a bit and how I’m going to frame my Amex Platinum Card. *Correction: Peter mentioned the annual fee is either $350 or $450, it is actually $550!

Airbnb is working on a luxury tier where people can live like the 1%. We discuss our Airbnb experiences both the good and the bad. 

Both of us agree that TripAdvisor is positively skewed in the worst way for travel. Everyone on the site has low standards in regards to quality food and lodging.


Links and Show Notes:

Fiverr - http://bit.ly/2vpliLH

Pewdiepie Fiverr Video - http://bit.ly/2umsLxZ

iPhone 10th Anniversary - http://bit.ly/2tVXZeF

$5,400 Original iPhone Scam - http://bit.ly/2tfgufj

A Week with the Original iPhone - http://on.wsj.com/2tXjeuX

iMac G4 Ad - http://bit.ly/2tVG9YU

iMac G4 Custom Lamp - http://tcrn.ch/2vpe9uA

SNES Classic - http://amzn.to/2vph1rw

Sega Forever - http://bit.ly/2tszged 

Square Cash - http://bit.ly/2upbEff

$200 Credit with Disney Credit Card - http://bit.ly/2umea5G 

Airbnb Lux - http://bit.ly/2t5ya95



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