Inspiration: Jay-Z Music Videos

A strange title, yes but I hope you dont feel that way after you see some of the screens from the music videos. I of course like the new Jay-Z albums quite a bit but you dont have to. For example, I was watching the videos muted while listening to to Slipknot. Whatever gets the job done.

I have not had / really watched "cable tv" in about 3 years now so I rarely see music videos. I am sure there are quite a few inspirational ones but today I will be writing about two of Jay-Z's latest videos:

D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)

Run This Town

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These images are dark but also have perfect lighting. The videos are very fluid with a lot of energy. I am crazy about the backlighting that is done with the fire / artificial lighting. The scenes in the warehouse in D.O.A. to the Kanye rapping through the cracked windshield of the car, I find both videos entirely cinematic and beautiful. I am not quite sure in few words what makes these videos so inspirational, maybe the Versace glasses? I think you will see this style of images in future images of mine... maybe sooner than you think. Until then...