update now Live!

I spent quite a bit of time being stubborn about the computer displays that I was going to support. I was building my website on my beautiful 24" iMac and always ignored how bad it looked on 13" computers.


1280x800 has always been the most popular screen resolution, therefore I decided it was time to support it. My goal was to redesign the site so that a 13" computer can see a full size image along with the thumbnails.


I started with a smaller header / top of the page because the old one was too big and didn't look so professional. I also added Hdr to the mix along with an actual Concert gallery. Hdr is highlighted in blue to represent that it is a new feature of the site.


I am very happy on how the site turned out. I added several of the new images to the mix and removed a lot of older images that no longer seemed to be at par with my current portfolio. I also added one new feature because I like my pictures big just like I like my music loud.


There is now a Full Screen button at the bottom of every gallery so those of use with larger screen can enjoy the images the size I want you to view them.

I have spent the good part of a weeks free time on the site and it is finally complete. If you do not know I redesign my website every year and relaunch it on my photo anniversary which is on Feb 14. Next February with be my fifth year of shooting and I am looking forward to the future. I really hope you all enjoy it :) Please give me feedback on the site and let me know if you run into any problems!