This is Why I Shoot: Golden Gate Bridge.

This is Why I Shoot, seems simple enough but there are so so many reasons why I do what I do. I put myself by the elements to capture images to show the world. From the desert to glaciers I have been in all climates and love it.

San Fran was clear everywhere except the bridge like it was trying to hide under its cloudy cloak. Beams and cables showed themselves beneath the marine layer so I focused around them. Bikers and runners shook their heads at my tshirt and shorts as they seemed to try to escape the chill. I set up my tripod and started smiling. I had no idea why I was smiling and it surely was not because of the 40F degree cold wind or the cars zooming past at 60 mph a foot away from me. I must have been thinking this is why I shoot. I shoot in these strange conditions, typically alone for the hope of getting one amazing capture. Towards the end I couldnt move my hands, I decided it was time to start the walk back to the car.

All in all I do this for you. Yes I love capturing image but more so do I love to share my adventures with you. I hope you enjoy these.

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This is Why I Shoot: Golden Gate Bridge This is Why I Shoot: Golden Gate Bridge This is Why I Shoot: Golden Gate Bridge