Hello from Michigan

I just finished eating my meal and will order dessert soon. I for some reason feel this should go first because to me it's the most important. :)

I am suffering from lack of sleep and a cold which isn't getting much better from sleeping in Hotel Mazda. Tonight is my last night in Detroit and this time tomorrow I will be on my way back to San Diego.

I have yet to find "the shot" for the trip. I always set a bar where I hope to get with a single image and so far I have yet to get that. I will be exploring Michigan Central Station tomorrow early morning and that is where I hope to capture it. The images I have so far (over 2,000) have been great but just not the "one".

As far as the website goes. I have not recorded much video here so that wont help me speed things up. I have some footage but not enough. I still have a lot of talking type filler video to shoot for the about me video. I dont think anyone really cares about this but this is Myspace to talk. I can say that the site is brand new and it makes me look much more professional.

I have been keeping a steady log on my instagr.am account which is peterwphoto.

Much love and hugs,


Me in front of Fisher Plant No. 21