Oh man what I used to be

The Arnold Home on 7 Mile road was a mixed use hospital / senior care facility that ran from 1931 to sometime in 2004.

In 1899, the Reverend C. L. Arnold opened a care home on Grand River in West Detroit for "seniors over the age of 60, terminal cases, and the infirm." The 7 Mile location opened in 1932, with a further addition completed sometime in 1960's that brought its capacity up to 224 beds. The fine folks at the DetroitYes forums recall it as a well-run facility that started to decline in the 90's. I don't have a firm date on when it closed, but it looks like sometime around 2004.

Since its closure, the building has been scrapped heavily. Fox 2 in Detroit did a special report where they caught a few scrappers red-handed.

The New York Times has an interesting article from 1912 concerning the Reverend Arnold being robbed by a man he offered care to.