The Heidelberg Project Part 1

Over the next few days I will be posting about a truly different community. I will post excerpts from the official site but I will quickly state what I feel the community is all about. These ares originally were run down forgotten neighborhoods. Places where people would deal drugs and go to because no one including the police would care to patrol or defend.

An interesting art project was then started to bring attention and hope to these neighborhoods. Trust me if you paint your entire home with polka dots I will definitely take the detour and check the area out. This is exactly what has happened. Odd are exhibits and objects where placed in the area to bring attention and a sense of reminder that these communities exist.

As I was here photographing many people drove by and took photos from within the car as most people do when in Detroit. I found it funny that they always gave me such strange looks because I parked and wandered around :).

Here is a link to a google map street view. This is what originally got me to travel to this area not far from Packard Plant.