My Image of 2011

2011 a year like all the others filled with steps forward and steps back, gain and loss. I have made new friends and lost some who are very dear to me. This year was another year I had to live to understand what I needed to move forward. All my mistakes lead to a wiser and more focused Peter.

I have traveled quite a bit including Big Bear, Detroit (life changing), Utah's National Parks and finished it with a trip to Portland. This year I have also gained an appreciation for film which has now turned into an obsession.

My favorite image of 2011 is this image from the Grand Canyon:

"All my edges exposed"

All my edges exposed
All my edges exposed

I have hundreds of images from this year that will still make their way online over the next few months. I felt that out of all the images I have shared this year this image was the strongest yet.

I want to thank each and everyone of you for spreading my name and making my site more popular year over year.