City -> Snow -> Sand

I have been really bust lately and I am grateful for that. In the last month I have traveled more than i have in the entirety of 2012. I have a lot of exciting things to look forward to including a big move. Right now I am writing this on my lovely Chromebook while soaring through the air on my way to Cancun for a destination wedding and vacation. I just want wanted to take a moment to share how lucky I feel for recent events in my life. Things are shaping up and I am busier than ever as you can probably tell by the lack of posts here on my blog, backed up on image editing to the max.

There are so many things to love about this life and so many beautiful places to see right on our doorstep. I encourage you to get out and see something, make that effort to get lost in your environment.

This is believe it or not my first time leaving the country by air and I am a big ball of excitement and nervousness. I will see you all soon.

My Image of 2011

2011 a year like all the others filled with steps forward and steps back, gain and loss. I have made new friends and lost some who are very dear to me. This year was another year I had to live to understand what I needed to move forward. All my mistakes lead to a wiser and more focused Peter.

I have traveled quite a bit including Big Bear, Detroit (life changing), Utah's National Parks and finished it with a trip to Portland. This year I have also gained an appreciation for film which has now turned into an obsession.

My favorite image of 2011 is this image from the Grand Canyon:

"All my edges exposed"

All my edges exposed
All my edges exposed

I have hundreds of images from this year that will still make their way online over the next few months. I felt that out of all the images I have shared this year this image was the strongest yet.

I want to thank each and everyone of you for spreading my name and making my site more popular year over year.

To All of You!

to All of you.

I love all of the support you have given me over the years.

I am quickly approaching my sixth year and every year just gets more exciting!

Every comment and page view means so much to me.

I put a lot of time into these images.

I am just trying to share the world with you.

A big thank you and hugs.

I hope to have a show soon, if not this year it will be next.

Shortly after that I should have prints for sale.


please spread the word about my blog to friends and family.

A blog I am Proud of...

Finally a blog that I can grow with and be proud of.

This blog is filled with a more streamlined look that matches the rest of my sites and color schemes. This guy here has had me up countless nights and although you may not notice much of a difference it makes me very happy.

Featuring large images, twitter integration, a solid contact me page for friends and potential clients, easy access to past blog posts and archives and my new logo!

I have a lot of upcoming images and projects, to name a few:

Monique and Patrick engagement shoot

San Francisco + surrounding areas

Las Vegas


New dedicated custom built iPhone and iPad sites!!!

Assets for the Aspiring

I want to share my favorite places on the web for aspiring photographers.

Resources for the Aspiring PhotographerPodcasts:

Zack Arias - Critique & Technique for Photographers

This Week in Photography




Digital Photography School

DIY Photography


Model Mayhem


Stuck in Customs

Website Forums:

Model Mayhem - Photography Talk

Fred Miranda

Help creating a website:







Must have website additions:

Google Analytics

Google Apps Standard Edition



I hope to continue to add to this list as I find new favorites. I wanted to share all the sites that I visit often instead of popular sites you may find by searching.