A blog I am Proud of...

Finally a blog that I can grow with and be proud of.

This blog is filled with a more streamlined look that matches the rest of my sites and color schemes. This guy here has had me up countless nights and although you may not notice much of a difference it makes me very happy.

Featuring large images, twitter integration, a solid contact me page for friends and potential clients, easy access to past blog posts and archives and my new logo!

I have a lot of upcoming images and projects, to name a few:

Monique and Patrick engagement shoot

San Francisco + surrounding areas

Las Vegas


New dedicated custom built iPhone and iPad sites!!!


I spent the nights staring.

I sung loudly in the streets.

I spent time being me.

I let it all out.

I spent time reflecting.

I smiled.

I loved every minute.


I spent cold nights in solitude.

I realized I didn't want to be alone.

I realized that all I wanted was to be happy.

I will no longer waste my time on those who bring me down.


I could never tell you all enough.

Life is so incredibly special, Live it and Love it.

Do what you want and don't waste time.

Love what you do and Love your friends.

Keep your head up and things will always get better.


Love can bring the highest highs and the lowest lows.

Clench hands and not fists.

Smile and not simper.

Life without risk is not worth living.

Let people in and let them...





How I may present new images.

I have though quite a bit about how I am going to update everyone on my trip. Of course there is twitter which is the majority of the news.

I plan on not sharing any previews of any images before I release them. I will release a small collection of images taken with the iphone and a single video summing up each city as I leave.

I just don't think uploading all the images once they are edited give them proper credit. I am going to take my time editing the images and then release one every other day with a story that goes a long with it.

Thank you Chi Town Apple Store for lending me this iMac :)

-Sleepy and Sore Peter